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If you're serious about getting results and ready to get into the best shape of your life you can do it alone or you can use a Revesby Personal Trainer to help you achieve your goals faster

Dear Revesby Resident,

Thanks for visiting our website. We are passionate about helping you lose weight, get lean, tone up, get fit and increase your energy levels. Or if you want to put on some lean muscle, we can help you do that as well. Being a Personal Trainer Revesby means that we understand that it's not easy to take that first step and it's sometimes scary to comit to something that you have no clue whether it's going to work or not. But I want to re-assure you that we know how you are feeling and we fully understand that this is a big step for you.

What sets us apart from our competitors is we not only produce serious results but we do it with ethics.You will not hear any claims that we are going to lose you 40kgs in 30days because we believe that is not sustainable. Listen, I didn't say that it's not possible. It can be done, but with my experience after 30days of extreme dieting, training and supplementation all people want to do is pig out and they pretty much hate the world and their brain tells them that they deserve to be bad. So they pile back on the weight. True permanent change takes place when there is a shift in the brain through education, small and consistent daily actions, breaking of bad habits and changing the way you live your life.

With Friendly and Professional Trainers and Revesby Personal Training Techniques (now you might laugh at this comment, but some of our techniques were built around calistenics that we developed when participating in our trainer bootcamp days down at the George's River) you'll be able to accelerate towards realising your goals sooner rather than later. And it will all be geared towards a sustainable success plan. As Revesby Personal Trainers, we realise that everyone is different and require individualised and specific training programs. We will provide you a clear roadmap according to your age, fitness levels and overall goals which will eliminate many of the roadblocks associated with maintaining consistency in your health and fitness program. We will pretty much do what ever it takes for you to become successful. If you need and allow us to come to your place to do a fridge audit, to teach you how to shop for health, to help you cook easy, simple recepies to buy tupperware so you can have portable or emergency food at hand, to have specified food prep days, to get you a more powerful blender...whatever it takes we want permanent change and we are not afraid to put a little pressure on you to do's also quite a fun process.

Our proven fitness formula is the cornerstone of our success. Revesby Personal Training Instructors are highly qualified professionals who know exactly how to adapt our 'Combustion Training Method' to ramp up your fitness program and take it to another level.

It's taken us over 20 years of trial and error to create our personal training blueprint and finally we have a system that produces dependable results. We have worked with literally thousands of clients and every single one of them has taught us something new. Allowing us to fine tune and perfect our training method.

We believe that it's the people that maketh the place. And a Personal Trainer Revesby knows that this friendly and beautiful suburb with it's strong community values deserves a facility that incaptulates that. Our private studio, nestled in the quite back streets of Revesby Heights creates an environment that people feel comfortable in without the hustle and bustle of street traffic and without the intimidation of some larger commercial facilities. Our vision is to help people help themselves and to support the community and give back whenever we can.

We know how hard it is to get started so we try and make it as convenient and time effective for our clients as possible. We can train with you at our private personal training studio, we can train you in the comfort of your own home and we can also train you in one of the parks in the Revesby area. What ever suits you best.

We'd love to be able to get you the results you deserve and wanna make sure that we become your fitness coach for life so we are offering not only a free Health and Fitness Consultation, but a free workout so you can trial us and see if we are a good fit for one another.

These before and after photos are legitimate. We have personally trained each of these clients. And some are still with us. More importantly they all managed to keep off the weight and now it's part of their life to eat more sensibly and workout every week.

Fill out your details below as well as put in your goals and a Personal Trainer in Revesby will be in touch with you to either:

1. Setup a Visit to our Studio so you can get a feel of place and meet our trainers (for those who want to have a look first)
2. Setup a Free Health and Fitness Consultation (for those who want to know more)
3. Setup a Free Complimentary Personal Training Session (for those who want to try before they buy)

We are not high pressure salespeople and want you to feel completely comfortable with what ever decision suits you. Training with us might not be right for you, and even then we'd like to be able to point you in the right direction. We believe what goes around comes around so the more we can help you the better for everybody.

So don't get caught up in the law of diminishing intent..."I'm going to do it"..."I'm going to do it"...and you never do it.
Capture the moment and make a discision and comitment to never look and feel the same again.

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P.S. We are always looking for Top Gun Trainers to join our growing team of Revesby Personal Trainers and
Weight Loss Specialists. So if you or someone you know is a Registered and Insured Personal Trainer please drop us a line. We also have a strong mentorship program which accompanies employment.


Revesby Personal Trainers have in home personal trainers, a boot camp, a personal training studio, body building programs and weight loss programs servicing all of Revesby including Revesby Heights, Panania, Padstow, East Hills, Picnic Point, Padstow Heights, Alfords Point, Menai, Illawong, Lugarno, Peakhurst, Riverwood,Bankstown, Condell Park, Georges Hall, Moorebank, Yagoona, Punchbowl, Roselands and Milperra.



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